If you couldn't bartend anymore, what would you do instead?
S: If I couldn't bartend anymore I would most likely get into guiding and fishing more tournaments!

What is your least favourite drink to make? 
S: My least favourite drink to make would have to be a mojito 

If you are going to have a drink, what is your favorite?
S: Busch light hands down but if we are talking cocktails, I love a nice cold marg.

What do you love most about being in Temagami? Why did you choose to work at The Outfitter?
S: Being able to get away from the city and be surrounded by what I’m truly passionate about. I chose to work there to mix my love for the service industry with my passion for angling!  

What TV show or movie are you into now?
S: Last Of Us is really good and just lots of YouTube fishing videos 

What is your favourite guilty pleasure meal?
S:Eating entire pizzas

What do you miss most from the city when you are up north?
S: I’m gonna keep it PG and just say the food!