One of the coolest things about northern Ontario is the sight of a float plane coming in for a landing on the lake.

We are lucky enough to have Lakeland Airways as our neighbour and we never tire of seeing Darren land his ’58 beaver in front of our waterfront patio, usually skimming the roof of our building to the delight (and sometimes applause) of our patrons. It’s a real thrill!

Travel in the north comes in all shapes and sizes. When traveling long distances is part of your daily life, the modes of transportation are varied!

The Outfitter, located on the waterfront of Lake Temagami has seen its fair share! We’ve had guests arrive by canoe (hi Mike), by every kind of boat, and yes, by plane.

We even have some dock slips that we are happy to share with you if you call ahead and let us know you’re coming. So, hop in the boat, paddle your canoe, or call in your flight path…we have your barbecue waiting.

And not to brag, but we also have a parking lot for those of us who don’t have a plane in the garage.